Static Websites

Having a web-presence is no longer just because it is popular or fashionable. Websites are about providing real value and sales leads to businesses of all kinds. Qubic Solutions are experienced in designing and developing websites of all kinds from simple sites for small businesses to large database driven, e-commerce websites for multi-million pound plc’s.

Key Benefits

Using Qubic Solutions will allow businesses to work with a team of people who have worked client side not just agency side. As such, we understand what it is clients look for out of a website and we understand the commercial benefits to having one not just the design side as many agencies do.

Planned well, a website offers huge benefits to businesses that can make a real impact on their bottom line. The project always starts with us filling in our creative brief and creation of a proposal specifically written for every opportunity.

Ideal for

  • Businesses moving onto the Internet for the first time

  • Businesses looking to revise their existing website and make it work harder

  • Businesses looking to create a custom web based system or application to support their customers

  • Businesses that want to start selling online

  • Businesses that want their website to reflect the rest of their company's branding and marketing

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