Disaster Recovery Solutions

Protect your business, safeguard your data!

Few small business have an IT disaster recovery plan in place to help deal with a situation where there is a total cessation of business due to fire, acts of burglary and vandalism, natural events or severe hardware failure. Qubic can create, plan and test such a plan and it need not be expensive or problematic for you. If you have the misfortune of a disaster you have peace of mind that crucial data can be regained.

The following points should be considered carefully!

  • It is not enough to just have an offsite backup of your data - you will need the programmes that use the data as well. For instance, a backup of Sage accounts data is no use if you don't have the correct version of Sage to restore the data into.
  • If you no longer have the device that created the backup, such as a tape drive, or floppy, how will you restore it? Many new computers and laptops no longer have floppy drives supplied as standard. If you have used a DVD, a CD drive will not help you.
  • How would you use the data if you did restore it? Are your programme, CDs, serial numbers, user names and passwords available off site?
  • Do you have someone who could technically restore the data?
  • Do you have a list of people who would need to know about the situation, with relevant contact information and has the list been distributed to the people concerned? Is it hard copy and has at least one copy been stored off site? An email or Word document is no good to you if all your computers have been fried.

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