Database Driven Websites

Websites that contain a lot of data can be powered by a back-end database. This can be a product catalogue, an events diary, a list of opening hours, special events or any content that can be changed by the business without requiring updates to the website itself. A website powered by a database will automatically reflect any changes made to the back-end database online, without any work required to the front-end website.

Key Benefits

The cost of website management is brought down over the lifespan of the site due to the ability to self-manage. Functionality can be increased and the website can be more suited to its target user. Any website that requires login functionality will be powered by a database back end.

Ideal for

  • Businesses looking to change content regularly, in-house

  • Businesses that want a fast turnaround on amendments

  • Businesses wanting to build an advanced web application

  • Businesses wanting login and customisation functionality

  • Businesses wanting to set permissions and access levels on pages by username

  • Businesses wanting to gather information on their customers via forms

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