Content Managed Websites

Businesses that have continually changing content can take advantage of a content managed website which will allow them to make changes themselves, instead of having to come back to the agency each time. Content management can be applied to any page including custom features like training schedules, calendars, events, promotions and can be linked with the ability to upload attachments, pictures and documents to allow the business to save time and money.

Key Benefits

Having a content managed site allows anyone within the business to make changes to the website instead of relying on the marketing manager or the agency to do the work. Changes are made by very simple web forms that allow for the editing of the content without having to consider formatting thereby preserving the look and feel of the website.

Ideal for

  • Businesses looking to change content regularly, in-house

  • Businesses that want a fast turnaround on amendments

  • Businesses upgrading from a previous website and want more functionality

  • E-Commerce sites allowing the business to change products continually

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